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Client Spotlight

Chagrin River Partners

We provide a wide range of website and Internet Services primarily for community organizations and municipalities.  We work with a distributed network of experienced and creative communicators. We like OpenSource Internet applications and tools that effect the biggest bang for the buck, not just today, but for tomorrow as well.

We're pleased to have worked for over ten years with the Villages of Bentleyville and Chagrin Falls, as well as the Mainstreet-Downtown -YourHomeTown ChagrinFalls evolution of community and merchant services to both Chagrin Falls and the Chagrin Valley.

We work with PaperConnection International, the Galveston Ornithological Society, PostPolio Australia, as well as Elessar Investment and Funds, the Northern Ohio Opera League and the Garden Club of Cleveland, Hamlet Retirement, The Chagrin Falls Alumni Association, Chagrin Falls Meals-On-Wheels, The Chagrin Falls Historical Society and many others. We're proud of our long standing relationships with PeaceAction Cleveland and St.Paul's Community Outreach on the near west side of Cleveland, as well as many more over the years.

We're in the business of working with individuals, companies and organizations over the long haul. Many of our client and supplier relationships are older than the Internet and are always focused on the needs of our clients, first.

We provide supported hosting of non-profit websites for $15 per month; we have provided free hosting and Internet strategy for no charge to community and spiritual development organizations since 1996.

It's not just about today, but it is about you and what you want the Internet to do for you, and for your mission and concerns.


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We work within a distributed network of designers and producers,  developers, programmers and resources from all over the USA.

We normally come in very competitively and always enjoy the opportunity to talk about whats happening in your world. It's not about the money with Chagrin River Partners, its about making a difference for the good of others and having a heck of a lot of fun.

Its not a job, its an adventure.

New Times Require New Approaches

from Ted : Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong